About Busted Knuckles Cleaning

Veteran-Owned and Women-Led cleaning company serving the entire NWA community.

I do the work I do because I love it.  I like the industry. I like the people I meet.  I like to give information to those who might not know how to clean or organize something on their own. I embrace who I am. I like to make people’s homes a cleaner place. I’m always up for meeting any of the people we take care of for a cup of coffee or lunch just because I love having that interaction and human connection

Kerri Christensen

Owner & Operator, Busted Knuckles Cleaning


Bachelor's Degree


Military Family Life




After Military Life


Vast knowledge of business


Learning my Purpose in Life

About The Owners

My husband, Rob and I were tossing around some ideas of what we were going to do after Military life.  He’s set to retire in a couple of years from a 20-year Military career. We really didn’t have a game plan for what we were going to do after he retired.  It was up to me to put that plan into action. I was already organizing and cleaning my life away when we were like, “Why don’t we start a beautification cleaning company?”


In pre-school, I was that kid that seemed to never stop organizing and cleaning.  We’re not even sure if I’m Mom and Dad’s actual kid, because I was the only person in our house that had a neat area.  Things never changed…except I’m a little bit taller now.

Why Northwest Arkansas?

This is our home.  We grew up here, our kids will grow up here, and hopefully one day our grandchildren will grow up here. 

All In The Name

My husband was a mechanic and my father was a mechanic. They are both constantly hitting their knuckles when they are working on vehicles.  Rob came to help on a few projects for the company and we hadn’t yet decided on a name, but just like when he was working on vehicles he would bust his knuckles while working with me.  Thus Busted Knuckles Cleaning was born. 

Our Perks

Locally Owned & Operated

We are more than just a cleaning business. We are your friends and neighbors. 

Certified Cleaning Professionals

Giving you access to the best cleaning professionals in Bentonville.

5-Star Quality Every Time

Bringing the beautiful and enjoyable look and smell back to your home.


Bonded & Insured

Keeping you and your belongings safe in case of accidents while cleaning.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Options Available

Keeping you and your family safe from harmful cleaning chemicals. 


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We promise if it’s not how you expected we do what it takes to make it perfect.


Amazing Customer Service

We make it a goal to always be here when you need help. 


Budget Friendly

Keeping to the Bentonville tradition that we started long ago. Giving you amazing service at the lowest price possible.